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"The garbage thrown on the sea returns someday. For everybody."

Script has created an action for Surfrider Foundation Brasil, called "Return". The action has as purpose to raise awareness and alert people about the consequences of the garbage left on Rio's beaches.

From a mailing list of surf shops and accredited NGOs, 10,000 boxes containing objects thrown on the sand were sent to people's houses.

Besides plastic cups, ice-cream packages, cans and water bottles, each box also contained a label with the following message:

"The garbage thrown on the sea returns someday. For everybody." -- leaving it clear that, even who never threw garbage on the beach, one day, may suffer the consequences of such act.

The action was also performed in bars in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Technical profile:
Agency: Script
Creative Director: Ricardo Real e Marcello Mendes
Copywriter: Felipe Machado
Art Directors: Thiago Manhães & João Paulo Medeiros
Production Company: TCO Filmes
Executive Production: JP Braga
Director: JP Braga
DP: Nando Azevedo & Fernando Fernandez
Edit: JP Braga
Color Grading: Nando Azevedo
Soundtrack: Buena Musica (Daniel Medeiros, Leo Cruz, Marcelo Frota)

Union Insurance - The Pink Squad.

Objective: Launch Union Insurance company as the 10th car insurance company on the market of mandatory car insurance.
The challenge was how to engage people and attract their attention towards the brand while being in a low involvement category in which the price of the product is the main differentiator.

Solution: the first part of the campaign we created a sort of secret organization that took justice on the roads into its own hands. The Pink Squad a movement against irresponsibility on the road. The media were offered a story of a"Vigilante", who in his own specific way punishes irresponsibility on the streets. In the moment, when The Pink Squad and their actions became known nationwide, we connected them with Union and its products.

Why would an energy company want us to use less energy?

Talking Energy’s a great little interactive campaign, and nice to see that E.ON is helping to raise public awareness of what it calls the Energy Trilemma – i.e. how to balance security of supply, reduction of carbon emissions, and affordability.
The campaign’s all about encouraging consumers to use less energy, and E.ON hopes that by doing this it will help reduce household bills, engender loyalty and customer support, and ultimately drive long-term profit.

British Council launches campaign aimed at emerging creatives

British Council, MumbrellaThe British Council has launched a call for entries to its Realise Your Dream Awards which sees young Australian creatives given the chance to work in the UK with leading visual arts, theatre, fashion, music and design talent.

Online ads to promote the awards have been created by ad agency Republic of Everyone.
There will be five awards handed out, with each winner flown to the UK. Sponsor National Australia Bank will provide them with $8000 to assist with expenses.
British Council, Mumbrella
Realise Your Dream is open to emerging practitioners working or studying in creative industries including visual arts, fashion, design, architecture, music, digital media and performing arts.
Entries will close 6pm, June 18.
Last year, The Glue Society created online videos to promote the awards, featuring a bickering lion and unicorn.
British Council, Mumbrella

Al Rahma’s Mercy campaign

Advertising Agency: Full Stop, Saudi Arabia
Creative Director: Kamel Al Zahiry
Art Director and Photographer: Amr Al Masri
Copywriter: Kamel Al Zahiry

Discount Bank turns on its green credentials by turning off.

Discount Bank - Israel - Dim Thinking
Discount Bank in Israel declared itself a ‘Green Bank’ but rather than have this as a meaningless soundbite it sought a practical, long-term way to make a difference to global warming. Its solution was to create stickers reminding people to switch lights off and save energy.
Empty skyscrapers with their lights left on at night, consuming vast amounts of unnecessary electricity, are an all too common sight. Discount Bank knew that by taking simple steps it could make a big difference to the environment. It was also aware, however, that many campaigns of this type are over and forgotten almost as quickly as they are implemented, so it wanted to leave a permanent reminder for its staff to think ‘green’.
A sticker was placed over every light-switch in the Discount Bank tower – and in a financial skyscraper, that’s a lot of light-switches. At the top of the sticker was written ON, at the bottom OFF and in the middle, GLOBAL WARMING. The message being that when you switch on the light, you switch on global warming; when you switch off the light, you switch off global warming.

In just one day, the Discount Bank tower became a green tower. Every single employee is now exposed daily to the strong connection between electricity consumption and global warming, and can, using one small finger contribute to the effort to alleviate global warming.

BRAND: Discount Bank

BRAND OWNER: Discount Bank

CATEGORY: Financial

REGION: Israel

DATE: Sep 2009



Category Breaker

Aircel boat – brand to the rescue?

Brands love telling consumers their products are lifesavers, but rarely does the claim hold as much water as when Aircel’s Mumbia billboard rescued stranded citizens during India’s monsoon season.

The weather can turn very quickly in India during monsoon season, often with fatal effects. Flash floods have claimed the lives of many in the past. It was this knowledge that prompted Aircel to attach a life-raft to its billboard, with the instructions: in case of an emergency, pull rope.

On July 15th, flash flooding, as expected, occurred. The Milan Subway beneath Aircel’s billboard became virtually impassable. Six lucky Mumbians, taking advantage of Aircel’s foresight, cut the rope and rowed themselves to safety aboard Aircel’s branded dinghy.

The innovative idea gained major press coverage in India; Aircel was crediting with achieving where the government failed. It now plans to extend the billboard scheme to Delhi and KolKata as well.

In early July they tethered an inflatable dingy (complete with ‘cut rope in emergency’ instruction) to a billboard in an area of central Mumbai notorious for its flooding problems. Within a couple of weeks, it monsooned, the rope was cut and pedestrians were paddled to safety.

aircel boat branded helpers

But hang on, this wasn’t an impulsive ‘power to the people’ moment, a second glance at the photos shows that blokes with Aircel branded t-shirts were in charge of the whole operation.In one way this is kind of sweet, the brand making sure that their boat was used properly to really help people – and in another way it makes me a bit cynical, with images in my head of a marketing team sat there waiting for the heavens to open so they could dispatch their branded team of helpers – plus of course a photographer to document it all.

aircel boat press coverage

Brilliant coverage achieved, but it all feels a little bit too planned and manipulative to really connect with cynical old me – then again I’m not exactly Aircel’s target audience – and I wasn’t the one getting my feet wet.
Aircel Boat - Innovative & Socially Responsible

BRAND : Aircel

BRAND OWNER: Maxis communications

CATEGORY: Telecoms/ Mobile


DATE: Jul 2009

MEDIA OWNER: Primesite


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