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Bus shelters are such dreary places, even advertising can sometimes spruce them up. Below, check out 20 examples of clever bus-stop ads that provide a welcome diversion while you wait for that bus that will never come.
  1. Guarana Antarctica

    The Brazilian soft drink turned bus stops into goalmouths for this 2006 World Cup campaign. Bring your own ball.
  2. Caribou Coffee

    Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis introduced Caribou Coffee's new hot breakfast sandwiches by making bus shelters looks like ovens—with actual heat coming from the coils. Hot stuff.
  3. Yahoo!

    Yahoo! pitted San Francisco neighborhoods against each other with interactive, 72-inch touch screens at 20 bus stops that challenged people to play against crosstown rivals in live head-to-head social games. The winning 'hood got to host a concert with OK Go.
  4. Fisch Franke

    The restaurant Fisch Franke in Frankfurt, Germany, made the point that it serves fresh fish by turning a bus shelter into an aquarium with live trout swimming inside it.
  5. Ikea

    The Swedish retailer has been turning bus stops into little rooms with its furniture for more than a decade. Given the size of many city apartments, the scale isn't far off.
  6. Fitness First

    This bus-stop ad for a health club in the Netherlands had a scale in the seat and displays the sitter's weight for all to see—to shame him or her into joining.
  7. Amnesty International

    This German ad used an eye-tracking camera, and when it sensed someone was looking it, it changed the image (after a short delay) from marital violence to marital harmony. "It happens when nobody is watching," says the headline.
  8. Osram

    A trigger on this South African bus-stop made it light up only when someone was present, sending the message of energy conservation. "Only use electricity when you need it," is the headline.
  9. Big Brother

    Bus shelters in Australia promoted the show Big Brother with Bluetooth transmitters that sent text messages to people nearby. The first read, "Im watching u," and gave the recipient's location. The second, 30-40 seconds later, read, "Big Brother is back. 7 PM weeknights on TEN."
  10. Vitaminwater

    Bus-stop ads for Vitaminwater in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles have been outfitted this summer with USB ports, so you can charge your phone or iPad.
  1. McDonald's

    A bus shelter in Vancouver was turned into an "hourglass," counting down the days until the end of a free-coffee promotion.
  2. Calgary Zoo

    Not pretty, but effective—this Calgary bus shelter was trashed to promote a dinosaur exhibit at the zoo. Extra marks for the dino print in the shattered glass.
  3. Australian Environment

    Australia's Department of Environment and Conservation showed its appreciation to people who took public transport by setting up motion sensors that triggered recorded applause when someone entered the shelter.
  4. Cluedo

    Pulling aside the shower curtain on this Italian bus stop revealed a knife-wielding killer—to promote the murder-themed board game Cluedo (aka Clue).
  5. 3M

    The company promoted its industrial-strength security glass by putting $3 million in a bus-stop display (actually, only the $50s on top were real) and challenging people to break it open.
  6. Spike TV

    Spike TV brought a colorful lightsaber display to bus shelters to promote its 2008 airing of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, when it became the first basic-cable channel in the U.S. to air all six Star Wars movies.
  7. Science World

    Gross, but surely unforgettable. Canadian educational nonprofit Science World created "sneezing" bus-shelter ads. When you pressed the button, you got hit with a spritz of water as a person was heard sneezing. It then threw out some scientific facts about sneezing.
  8. Quicksilver

    The skate and surf brand made bus shelters a lot more fun for young punks in Copenhagen by adding a ramp to them.
  9. Virgin America

    The carrier promoted the "mood lighting" on its airplanes but adding some to its bus shelters.
  10. Sun Smart

    Need a little free sunscreen? This cancer-awareness bus-shelter ad from Australia has got your covered.

Nokia N97… Your Personalised Home Screen

Here is an interesting ambient ad for Nokia N97 in Dubai Media City

Nokia N97

Nokia N97
Nokia N97

Wispa Gold Bar::: For the love of Wispa

We’ve decided to give our advertising space to you guys as a thank you for all the love you’ve shown to Wispa. We've bought thousands of billboards all over the UK and Ireland so that you can share your special messages with the world. Yes that’s right, you let us know your special message and if it gets selected we will post it on a real billboard in the location of your choice.So whether you just want to say 'hi' to a special friend who lives in a different city, or wish your Mum Happy 60th Birthday, now is your chance. All you have to do is submit your special ‘gold’ standard message along with an explanation of why it is so special, and let us know which city you would like your billboard to appear in. We will do the rest.So what are you waiting for? Make sure you submit your message by 3rd October 2009 to be in with a chance of winning.

Aviva car insurance:::

Aviva wanted to engage consumers when they would be in the right frame of mind to think about car insurance. The obvious solution was to target motorists when they were actually on the road, so the insurer decided to advertise with In Your Space.

In Your Space displays advertising on the sides and back of its trucks. According to the media owner, 64% of motor vehicle traffic is via motorways and major A-roads, which are covered by its moving billboards. It recently carried out a £70,000, 12-month long research programme to provide the likes of Aviva with specific targets.

Aviva’s campaign is running on a total of 210 ad sites - termed as ‘high reach billboards’. The lorries carrying the ads will cover more than one million miles of road. If estimates prove correct, the campaign will communicate to over 24 million motorists every month, with each motorist expected to see the adverts at least 7 times, delivering a total of 508 million impacts over the three-month campaign period.

With TV advertising overloaded with insurance companies, it makes sense for a car insurance firm such as Aviva to move its advertising into a more relevant space for its target market, although the environmental impact of such advertising may concern insurance customers in the future.

BRAND: Aviva car insurance


CATEGORY: Automotive


DATE: Aug 2009 - Oct 2009



MEDIA OWNER: In your space


Out of Home

Target:::Bag a billboard

Fashion is a personal thing. Ask two women arriving at a party dressed in the same outfit and you’ll really see the ‘handbags’ come out. Knowing this, fashion retailer Target has come up with an environmentally friendly way of making sure the handbags, at least, will always be unique – by making bags out of billboards.
In the past, Target has shown a preference for commissioning high profile artists to create designs for its fashion ranges. The artists it has commissioned to design its billboards this time round are equally high calibre: Michael Anderson, Laurie Rosenwald, Charles Wilkin and Josh Goldstein have all signed up to the project. Their billboard designs will be erected in NY Times Square on Labor Day and remain up until the end of October.
Once they have been taken down, the vinyl designs will be turned into 1,600 limited edition bespoke bags using an Anna Sui tote bag model. Every bag will be unique and made from 90% recycled material. So, consumers passing through Times Square are advised to keep an eye out for their favourite parts of the billboard designs as they could soon be wearing it on their arm.
The bags will be available to order on Target’s website from September 4th, ready to be shipped from January 2010. A clever, cost-saving campaign that gets consumers talking about the brand and thinking about the environment.

BRAND: Target

BRAND OWNER: Target Corporation

CATEGORY: Accessories/ Clothing/ Footwear


DATE: Sep 2009 - Jan 2010

AGENCY: Mother


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