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A cost analysis of the BP disaster

It's a real challenge for any PR Guru to stand up against this... all the money on the world will not help BP ...

the best communications tip i can give you at this stage... BP TOP executives... shut the fuck up and leave your position at once... any talking you do will  make things worse for BP brand... 
Infographic source\\Financial Times

30 examples of creative infography

The perfect infography must synthetize complex information in a simple visual representation, which is not easy. The following examples take information architecture to another level by making it beautiful.

1. Ancient Hebrew Cosmology

2. The modern listener guide

3. Missions to Mars

4. Food infography

(I resized this one for the blog, click the link to see the original one that looks much better)

5. The hierachy of Digital distractions

6. Water footprint

7. Charting the Beatles

8. 60 years of Federal Republic of Germany

9. Big Brothers

10. Asphalt jungle

11. Jules & Jim

12. Harmony of the Gospels

13. Genealogy of Pop/Rock music

14. Seasonal food chart

15. Mobile phones evolution

16. 3 months crocheting

17. Feltron Annual Report

18. Customer’s mailstream

19. How much water do you use?

20. What causes Jet Lag?

21. The largest bankruptcies in history

22. How the fire spread

23. Through the Gyre

24. China

25. The Corporation

26. Taxonomy of team names

27. How memory forms

28. How Google manages data

29. Kodak workflow diagram

30. US data consumption in one day