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Urban Decay | Get Electric. Festival Style.

Urban Decay built a social campaign on Pinterest where users could submit their best recreations of makeup styles that they've seen at their favorite music festivals. Throughout the campaign Urban Decay gave away free festival tickets to Pinterest users that created the best boards featuring festival looks. 

Essence | Justin Bieber Believe Tour Sponsorship

The European beauty brand Essence made the most of their sponsorship of Justin Bieber's Believe Tour by creating social media events around each show.
They gave away free products at shows and offered various sweepstakes that highlighted user-generated content as contest entries for free tickets and other prizes.
Not only did they generate a lot of interest in their own brand, but they helped build buzz around each of the shows on the tour. The campaign resulted in 263 million brand impressions, 82,615 brand expressions, and 35 percent of on-site activation through social.

Ventage #lebanese TVC’s

YES Detergent.

 Nido Powder Milk

 La vache Qui Processed Cheese


 Ray O Vac Battery

Maggi Cubes


 Kassatly Chtaura Syrup

Dove: Real Beauty Sketches

Director : John X. Carey
TIME Magazine named Dove: “Real Beauty” the best commercial of 2013 |
"Dove Real Beauty Sketches Becomes The Most Watched Ad Ever" -MASHABLE
WINNER: 2013 Titanium Grand Prix at the Cannes Lion Festival.
WINNER: In total of 19 Cannes Lions -- including 5 Gold Lions.
WINNER: 2013 One Club Emerging Directors Showcase - GOLD
WINNER: 2013 One Show Gold Pencil.
WINNER: 2013 Cannes Young Director Award.
YOU are more beautiful than you think! Most of us don’t recognize the beauty others see in us. Women are their own worst beauty critics. Imagine a world where beauty is source of confidence, not anxiety. This was a compelling social experiment to prove to women that they are more beautiful than they think. Great measures were taken to insure total integrity in our process. For a follow-up with the women on the Today Show go here:
Executive Producer : Jamie Miller @ Paranoid US
Executive Producer : Claude Letessier @ Paranoid US
Client : Dove
Agency : Ogilvy
Editor : Philip Owens |
Original Music : Keith Kenniff |
Director of Photography : Ed David |
Production Company : Paranoid US
Producer : Stan Sawicki @ Paranoid US
Creative Director : Anselmo Ramos
Copywriter : Hugo Veiga
Art Director : Diego Machado
Agency Producer : Veronica Beach
Sound Mix : Luke Bechthold @ Subtractive |
Production Sound : Tim O'Malley @ The Impact Pros |
Color Grading : Sean Coleman @ Company 3 |
Additional Editorial : Rock Paper Scissors

Statistics show that only 4% of women actually believe they are beautiful. The biggest barrier to women’s self-perception of beauty is their own minds.
Dove’s intention via this campaign was to inspire the remaining 96% of women, to make them feel this way too.
The basis of the campaign was an experiment intending to encourage women to reconsider themselves and their beauty. In order for the campaign to reach women from all over the world it was necessary for the campaign to be talkative, and for the medium used to be contagious, fast-moving and sharable. What better way of doing this than by using women themselves?
By asking an FBI- trained sketch artist to draw a woman’s portrait according to their own self-description, Ogilvy aimed to make women and the world around them rethink real beauty and self-perception.
Firstly, the artist who never laid his eyes directly on the women instead relied on the description of strangers to create their portraits. He then sketched them again by just listening to their own description of themselves.
 The two portraits looked entirely different. Women who took part in this campaign admitted that the first sketch reflected more beautiful, happier and accurate descriptions of them, striking proof that they were more beautiful than they thought they were.
Using YouTube True View Platforms, Tweets and trends on Twitter, and Facebook video-sharing along with Dove’s 14 million Facebook fans, it was ensured that the video was seen and shared online.


Unprecedented levels of sharing and engagement were achieved. “Real Beauty sketches” was the most shared link in’s history and with 1.9 million aggregated shares on Facebook. Brand Passion increased by 1000% and the link itself was responsible for over 90% of the video content shared within the peer group category.
April 2013 - ongoing

Al Noor See Potential Not Disability

The Al Noor Training Centre in Dubai is using the globally recognised disability sign in a creative outdoor advertising campaign raising awareness of the potential of children with special needs. Vinyl stickers turn the disability logo (person in a wheelchair) into magicians, basketball players, singers or chefs, on hundreds of “mini-billboards” across the city.
Al Noor See Potential Chef

Al Noor See Potential Basketball


The Al Noor campaign was developed at Y&R Dubai by chief creative officer/creative director Shahir Zag, creative director/copywriter Wilbur D’costa, creative director/art director and illustrator Husen Baba, planner Nadine Ghossoub, agency producer Amin Soltani, account supervisor Uday Desai, account manager George Ninan, working with Al Noor school director Isphana Al-Khatib.

Sexy Fingers| another AIDS ad

Aides: Sexy Fingers

With just a finger, you can also test for HIV

The new AIDES campaign, all about rhythm and technicolor is acting as a decisive argument for an important matter: Rapid HIV testing (results in 20 minutes or less) . Full of colors, energy, and originality, the message is simple: one finger is enough to play, but also to get tested for HIV.
Advertising Agency: JWT Paris, France
Creative Director: Ghislain de Villoutreys
Art Director: Elodie Matyjasik
Illustrator: Jean-Michel Tixier
TV Production: Charlotte Saint-Paul
Music: Flairs
Production: Frenzy
Website: Anonymous
Published: July 2011

AIDS is boldly relevant, In addition they are quite fun their video, this is the  spot of the penis , "  Clever Dick  ", the  Chat Smutley  or  Popol tourists 

Men, women, and flavored condoms

This print campaign for Kama Sutra Excite, developed by 1pointsize, India gives us reasons for admiring the idea


The copy reads- Kama Sutra Excite!


Flavoured Dotted Condoms

Advertising Agency: 1pointsize, India
Executive Creative Director: Sharad Haksar
Creative Director: Anantha Narayan
Copywriter: E.Prakash
Art Director: Shanmugha Vel
Photographer: Sharad Haksar

Sensodyne| Pack

Sensodyne: Pack, Ice-cream

Sensodyne: Pack, Coffee

  • Advertising Agency: Grey Brazil
  • Creative Director: Guy Costa
  • Art Directors: Lucas Heck, Ricardo Sarno
  • Copywriters: Fernando Silva, Filipe Medici
  • Photographer: Marlos Bakker
  • Published: February 2010

Pampers|Hello Baby - iPad App

— This has got to be one of the smartest iPad Apps out there.

The app, called Hello Baby, made its debut during Apple's launch of the tablet computer this month. It is Pampers' first mobile device application; the brand never launched an iPhone app. The move is also part of parent company Procter & Gamble's push to position its brands at the forefront of new and emerging technologies, especially as the packaged-goods titan shuffles more marketing dollars into digital, mobile and social media.

The app, available for free on iTunes, is essentially a pregnancy calendar, where users can track weekly progress from weeks four to 40 by entering the baby's due date. (The calendar draws on baby and parenting content taken from Pampers' "Village" online community site, said Susan Liao, a digital producer at StrawberryFrog, the agency that worked on the app.) Expecting moms can also hold the iPad in front of their tummies to view a typical, life-sized representation of the baby. Common comparisons include a baby that is the size of an acorn, pear and other "well-known fruits and vegetables," said Pampers North American marketing director Patrick Kraus.

Mobile baby apps like's Baby 411, for the iPhone, already exist, but Hello Baby, so far, is the only one developed exclusively for the iPad, he said. The app takes advantage of the portable device's high-resolution, multitouch screen to bring the prenatal development process to life.
iPad Screenshot 1
P&G, which spent $53 million advertising Pampers last year, sans online, per Nielsen, said Hello Baby's investment is small, but it's looking to take findings from this "experiment" and leverage it online, Kraus said.     

Africa teenager girls will not check any more… Always | Check check

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Lebanon
Chief Creative Officer: Farid Chehab
Executive Creative Director: Bechara Mouzannar
Creative Director: Danielle Rizkallah
Copywriter: Rana Khoury, Paul Osayande
Agency Producer: Rayanne Smayra
Planner: Zeina Joujou
Account Supervisor: Cynthia Abdelkarim, Shayna Suidan
Production Company: GOLDEN PLANES Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
Director: Sven Harding
Producer: Herman Le Roux
Editor: Postoffice Lebanon
Sound Design/Arrangement: Wounded Buffalo Johannesburg
Music: Artist/Title: Wounded Buffalo Johannesburg
Art Director: Caroline Farra, Roula Asmar
Lighting: Eric Maddison
Post Production: Postoffice Lebanon

Kimberly-Clark| Cottonelle|toilet paper should roll over or under?


In January, Kimberly-Clark's Cottonelle launched a contest asking consumers whether toilet paper should roll over or under. Well, the debate was settled by Oscar time, with people in the national poll choosing "over." Now, the brand is back with the next step in the campaign to keep the conversation going. It's promising a "recall" of any bath tissue that doesn't roll over. The campaign, created by JWT London (but running in the U.S. and Canada), includes TV and outdoor ads that show the company "recalling any toilet paper which doesn't roll over." Cottonelle brand manager John Stanwood says: "We wanted to counter the theory that all toilet paper is the same and come up with an idea that was eye-catching, compelling and light-hearted." 

LA Fitness| Swimming pool

Keeping fit is not just a fad – it’s a way of life.
Stress at work is spurring one in five of us to exercise MORE than we did a year ago, according to research published today. The study, which was commissioned by gym chain LA Fitness, suggests most of us find exercise a great stress buster.
Swimming is considered one of the best ways to keep fit. But as Catherine Bayfield reports if youre thinking of taking the plunge you may want to make more of a splash than this lot did.