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Absolut Vodka: Absolut Vodka

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Creative Director: Tara Lawall
Art Director: Lisa Zeitlhuber
Copywriter: Nick Partyka

Absolut Vodka| Ads review

Absolut Rome

Absolut London

Absolut Hollywood

Absolut Venice

Absolut Athens

Absolut Paradise

Absolut L.A

Absolut New Orleans

Absolut Bangkok

Absolut Seattle

Absolut Jersey

Absolut Houston

Absolut Monte Carlo

Absolut Istanbul

Absolut Manhattan

Absolut Paris

Absolut Stockholm

Absolut Aspen

Absolut Auckland

Absolut Original

Absolut 24th

Absolut Tradition

Absolut Sadist

Absolut Kurant

Absolut 19th

Absolut Kurant

Absolut Hangman

Absolut Larceny

Absolut 110°

Absolut Space

Absolut Squeeze

Absolut Blank

Absolut, the vodka company, is running “Absolut Blank”, an integrated advertising campaign featuering work by range of installation artists. Under the tagline “It all starts with an Absolut Blank,” the campaign blends print, interactive, digital, and installation art as the artists used the blank canvas of the bottle to indulge their creative inspirations including light installations, murals and collages. The campaign, which highlights various mediums of artistic expression, launched in the UK this week.
Absolut Blank

Click on the image below to play the Absolut Blank commercial in YouTube (HD)

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)

Absolut Blank Recife
Absolut Blank Kinsey
Absolut Blank Aesthetic
Absolut Blank Flores
Absolut Blank Mars
Absolut Blank Wood
Absolut Blank Bray
Absolut Blank Jansen
Absolut Blank Good Wives & Warriors
Absolut Blank Morning Breath
Absolut Blank Wagner
Absolut Blank Freeman
Absolut Blank Gioscia
Absolut Blank Fish
Absolut Blank Amory
Absolut Blank Chamarelli
“In ABSOLUT BLANK, ABSOLUT has boldly made its iconic bottle into a blank canvas to inspire artists throughout the world to collaborate and fill it with creativity. We brought together creative collaborators from a variety of disciplines and watched the journey from pure white canvas to exceptional pieces of art. The result depicts how artists and creativity are inspired through ABSOLUT,” says Mark Hamilton, Global Marketing Director at The Absolut Company. The 18 artists participating in ABSOLUT BLANK represent a variety of creative disciplines from across the globe; from drawing, painting and sculpting to film making and digital art. Among the artworks are UVA’s high intensity, bright and striking light installations, Mario Wagner’s attention-grabbing cut-out imagery, the colourful and playful graphic design of Aesthetic Apparatus, the bold illustrations of Kinsey and the detailed work of Good Wives and Warriors.


The Absolut Blank project was developed at TBWA\Chiat\Day New York by chief creative officer Mark Figliulo, creative director/copywriter: Sue Anderson, associate creative director/art director Hoj Jomehri, art Producer Teresa Rad, executive producer Robert Valdes, senior producer Darryl Hagans, assistant producer Ellen Fitzgerald
Filming was shot by director Floria Sigismondi via Believe Media with executive producer Liz Silver, line producer William Sloss, director of photography Simon Chaudoir, photographer Felipe Robelo.
Retouching was done at E-Graphics by director/editor Kief Davidson, editor Lauren Giordano, assistant editor Gabriel Chavez. Art materials and logistics were produced at Alarming Industries.
Editor was Hank Corwin at Lost Planet with executive producer Krystn Wagenberg.
Visual effects were produced at The Moving Picture Company (MPC) New York, by executive producer Justin Brukman, producer Louisa Cartwright, VFX supervisor Marcus Wood and 3D artist Liam Griffin. Telecine was produced at MPC Los Angeles by colorist Mark Gethin.
Music is by The Octopus Project.
Artists in the Absolut Blank project are Adhemas Batista, Aestethic Apparatus, Alex Trochut, Brett Amory, Dave Kinsey, David Bray, Eduardo Recife, Fernando Chamarelli, Good Wives & Warriors, Jeremy Fish, Ludovica Gioscia, Marcus Jansen, Mario Wagner, Morning Breath, Robert Mars, Sam Flores, Thomas Doyle, UVA, and Zac Freeman.

Absolut Vodka: Glimmer

Absolut Vodka: Glimmer
Absolut Glimmer
Make the present exceptional

Latest global campaign for Absolut Vodka, Absolut Glimmer. It's a global initiative where brand have changed the iconic bottle shape for the first time since its conception. The campaign concept is "Make the present exceptional" and the design idea is about dressing the bottle for this moment in time. In today's world, where everything can be recorded, copied or streamed by the press of a button the "here and now" is the new super exclusive. To celebrate this Absolut created a glimmering Absolut Bottle that only will be available for a short time.

Advertising Agency: Team Family Business, Sweden
Creative Directors: John Lagerqvist, Mårten Knutsson
Design: John Lagerqvist, Fredrik Lindquist
Copywriter: Tove Norström
Original: Christian Styffe
Fotography: Jens Mortensen

Absolut|I’m here…

Screen shot 2010-02-18 at 14.49.50.png

I’m here – a love story in an Absolut world… – a movie supported by Absolut, shot by Spike Jonze.

1. A trailer:
2. A book:
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3. A window display:
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4. A web site:
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5. A blog:
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Absolut| I’m Here

Spike Jonze has worked with Absolut Vodka to launch his latest short film, “I’m Here”, at the Sundance Film Festival. The 30 minute short film explores the relationship between two robots living in Los Angeles, played by Andrew Garfield and Sienna Guillory. “I’m here” was developed after ABSOLUT reached out to Jonze to make a film, and gave him creative control to create the film he wanted. In addition to the 30-minute film, there are also 30 and 60 second trailers, to be used online and as TV commercials globally.

Absolut I'm Here short film robots walking

“It was a pretty incredible opportunity,” says Jonze. “They (ABSOLUT) didn’t give me any requirements to make a movie that had anything to do with vodka. They just wanted me to make something that was important to me, and let my imagination take me wherever I wanted. And it wasn’t like working with some huge corporation where I had to meet with committees of people. It was just a small group, and it seemed like creativity and making something that affected them emotionally was the only thing that really mattered to them”.
I’m Here will also screen at the Berlin Film Festival in February, followed by a global release in March on, which currently hosts the teaser trailer. See more on the I’m Here blog.
“Since its inception, ABSOLUT VODKA has been driven by creativity, and together with Spike Jonze we set a new standard for creative collaborations,” says Anna Malmhake, Vice President Global Marketing at The Absolut Company. “Spike Jonze is one of the most important influencers of modern popular culture, and this 30-minute film subtly and artfully expresses our enduring commitment to collaborations and creativity.”


The collaboration with Spike Jonze was created by TBWA\Chiat\Day.
I’m Here was shot by director/writer Spike Jonze in association with MJZ with producer Vincent Landay, executive producers Mark Figliulo and Matt Bijarchi, director of photography Adam Kimmel..
Editors were Final Cut editors Eric Zumbrunnen and Stephen Berger, production designer Floyd Albee.
Casting was by Justin Baddeley and Kim Davis-Wagner. Costume designer was Casey Storm. Robots were designed by Sonny Gerasimowicz.
Visual effects were produced at Method Studios by VFX supervisor Ben Gibbs.
Sound was designed by Ren Klyce at Mit Out Sound. Original score was by Sam Spiegel (Squeak E. Clean). “There are many of us” is by Aska Matsumiya. Lost Trees Music was by Nick Zinner, guitarist with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
The creative collaboration between ABSOLUT VODKA and Spike Jonze will be accompanied by a charitable donation of $30,000 to 20/20, an American Film Institute (AFI) initiative, designed to enhance cultural exchange, understanding and collaboration through filmmakers and their films from the US and abroad. Spike and ABSOLUT are each donating $15,000.