Terminator Salvation :::Twitter as movie marketing platform

BRAND: Terminator Salvation 
BRAND OWNER: Sony Pictures 
CATEGORY: Entertainment 
REGION :Global 
DATE :Apr 2009 - May 2009

To promote Sony Pictures latest release, Terminator Salvation, the brand is taking over Twitter with an international game that can be played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The premise is that Twitter users can help in the fight against Skynet and the Terminators.
Twitter members must follow Terminator Salvation on Twitter @resistance2018 and also log in on 2018blog.com. They then have to watch for tweets from @resistance2018 and respond to ‘Resistance Assignments’ quickly via @replies with hash tags to @resistance 2018 or through the blog.

Assignments include word mixes – a jumble of letters that need to be unscrambled; trivia – simple questions about the movie; and partial transmission – where some letters are missing from a word and you must fill it out.

Answers must be submitted to @resistance2018 using hash tags representing each of the types of task, so #RA:WM for word mix, #RA:PT for partial transmission and #RA:TR for trivia. Responses to assignments must be sent within 2 hours. Any response received after this are not counted.
Each correct answer gives the player points to advance on the leader-board and achieve higher ranks in the Resistance Army.

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