Is your e-mail advertising confusing?

E-mail advertising has always been a simple and economical way to advertise. And now that economies all over the world are in the tank, there’s more incentive than ever to use e-mail to sell products and services.. But simple and cheap doesn’t always translate into “successful.”

The “from” address should make sense.
subject line should be clear. If your target audience doesn’t understand it instantly, the e-mail gets deleted instantly.
“to” information should be your recipient.
offer should be stated very early in the text. People won’t spend any time at all searching for it.
message should nearly always be short. No one wants to read long e-mails.
copy should be clear and direct. Just because it’s e-mail doesn’t mean you can get away with sloppy copy. Oh, and it should be in the same language as the recipient!
links should be worded clearly. Example: If you’re offering a free e-book, the link text should include the words “Free E-Book.”

The e-mail should follow all best practices. This isn’t just to avoid spam complaints. It helps create trust.

When you’re creating or sending an e-mail, always ask yourself, “Does this make sense to the people I’m sending it to?”

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