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H&M| David Beckham |Bodywear


H&M has gained a considerable market share in Shanghai and Beijing through an aggressive store expansion programme but today most consumers recognised H&M only as a trendy fashion brand. Consumers associate H&M with a high frequency of new clothing lines at a medium-grade price range.
David Beckham Bodywear was being introduced to the Chinese market. The range is high end and more exclusive than the standard H&M product ranges. The key challenge of this activity was to build this high-end brand image in terms of quality and pricing in the minds of consumers.


David Beckham is a massive worldwide celebrity and heartthrob for many females around the world including China. In China the association of a foreign superstar celebrity to endorse products is even more unusual and has the potential to provide instant credibility for the brand and make a unique connection with the consumers. Getting up close and personal with David Beckham is the dream of many of his fans around the world. 
The strategy was to use H&M’s biggest asset - David Beckham - as the focal point of the activity. The agency wanted to leverage his personality and bring him to the centre of H&M’s world. What if Kinetic had the chance to make all of his Chinese fans dreams come true and allow them to have their photo taken with Beckham? Kinetic wanted people to become part of this story and create an emotional bond with them and so encouraged people to stand up and be counted by participating in an event. The OOH event was the vehicle to deploy a creative execution to make these dreams become a reality and social media was also used to expand the influence and build brand awareness fast.


High end premium shopping areas were selected in order to match the high-end brand positioning of David Beckham Bodywear.  Based on the insight that ladies purchase underwear for their lovers, the campaign was conducted near to the H&M store to help motivate purchase and drive the sales. A huge shopping bag, sized 5m(H) and 6m (W) was built and a half-naked Beckham was featured on the bag, large enough so that all the passersby would not miss it! One side of the bag showed a poster and another a Mega LED. The agency equipped the bag with a radar sensing system and HD camera. If consumers stood in the designated area, they would realise their dream of taking a group photo with David Beckham. The photo was instantly sent to them via email or MMS and consumers were encouraged to upload this photo to Weibo and @HMChina so that they could enter a lucky draw for a surprise gift.


The campaign attracted a massive buzz in these retail shopping areas amongst passing traffic and onlookers. David Beckham Bodywear engaged with 4,999 people during the campaign period and 2,515 photos was generated and shared on Weibo. In addition to the buzz of the event, sales at the nearest H&M store doubled during the campaign period, far exceeding client expectations.

BRAND: David Beckham Bodywear
DATE: August - September 2012

Sephora Sensorium – Lucid Dreams from the Sensory World

Beauty retailer Sephora and fragrance manufacturer Firmenich have commissioned The Sensorium: Lucid Dreams from the Sensory World, an interactive, multimedia experience set in a pop-up museum, designed to explore the emotions and instincts behind scent. The Sensorium features interactive and immersive installations First Scent and Lucid Dreams, developed and produced by experience design and production company The Department of the 4th Dimension (The D4D) to transport visitors into the realm of the perfumer’s imagination. The Sensorium, located in a 3,700 warehouse in New York’s Meatpacking District, launched to the public on October 15 and runs through to November 27th, 2011. Tickets are available through the Sephora website.


Upon entering First Scent, visitors are surrounded by motion picture media inspired by custom fragrances emitted throughout the room that trigger collective emotion and connections. Dreamlike films of cutting grass, a morning breakfast and a visit to the beach correspond to fragrances Weekend Splendor, 6:01 am and Summer Vacation designed by such superstar perfume creators as Harry Fremont and Honorine Blanc. Here, elemental and unforgettable moments are manifested in an evocative cocktail of sight, smell and sound.

Next, in the museum’s marquee event Lucid Dreams, visitors can affect beautiful suspended images inspired by Firmenich’s master perfumers. Using a high tech flower sculpture, the images transform based on the power of the individual’s sniff – triggered by the unique sound transmitted by the physical act of smelling. The D4D created each room’s architecture, including the short films, beautiful floor-to-ceiling images, glowing sniff-registering flowers and the software that drove the entire soul-stirring experience.


The Sensorium project was developed at The D4D (The Department of the 4th Dimension) led by creative director Matt Checkowski and executive producer Ron Cicero, along with a team of architects, designers, technologists and writers.




During the production and design of First Scent and Lucid Dreams, The D4D team worked on the visual experience with the custom designed perfumes on hand, to ensure the visual and auditory elements were a perfect fit for each scent and would combine in a journey of heightened perception. The perfumers and The D4D creative team collaborated throughout, with imagery and scent choices and changes influenced by the other during the process. The technical production of the interactive elements involved significant research and development including an examination of wind velocity and other triggers before landing on the auditory solution.

Sensorium Dream of Hope

Sensorium Dream of Wonder poster

Sensorium Dream of Floating poster

Sensorium Dream of Creation poster

Sensorium experiences

Journey to the Claussen Pickles

Claussen Pickles' latest campaign features intrepid English supermarket explorer, Sir Edwin Horsham, who comically drives a dogsled around a New Jersey supermarket showing shoppers where to find the pickles in the refrigerated section of the store. The videos are accompanied by a new Facebook contest, asking fans to prove they can conquer the cold by capturing a snapshot of them next to the Claussen Pickles for a chance to win cool cold-weather gear or an all-expense paid trip to Iceland or Alaska. Agency: The Escape Pod, Chicago.

Casa Do Zezinho Half For Happiness

Casa do Zezinho, an NGO with a focus on low-income areas, raised financial support in Brazil through “Half for Happiness”, a campaign run in partnership with two supermarket chains. Customers in the supermarket were given the opportunity to buy half-size fresh food products at full price, with 50% going to Casa do Zezinho. The supermarkets collaborated on timing, provided food, took care of quality standards, transportation and storage throughout the process. Foods were cut in half, processed and packaged with the help of children. Products on supermarket shelves were displayed without any other communication reinforcement. At the end of each cycle of the campaign, the donations were recorded and handed by the supermarket chain to the Casa do Zezinho.
Zezinho Half for Happiness

The response was pleasing. Consumers were impressed with the unusual approach, remarking on what they’d learned about how little things can go a long way. A third supermarket chain joined the campaign. Donations to Casa do Zezinho went up 28% compared to the previous year. The campaign won a Silver Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2011.
Zezinho Half for Happiness


The Half for Happiness campaign was developed at AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, by chief creative officer Marcello Serpa, creative director Luiz Sanches, copywriter Fabio Ozorio, art directors Renato Fernandez, Daniel Manzi and Vinicius Sousa, account team Marina Fernandes and Cristina Chacon, working with Zezinho staff Dagmar Garroux and Célia Fernandes. Media was planned by Paulo Camossa Jr. and Laerte Brandão.
Filming was shot by director Fábio Benvenuti via Ragna Produções, photographer Richard Stefano, producers Vera Jacinto, Gabriel Dagostini, Thiago Bueno. Sound and music were produced at RAW Produtora de Áudio. Narrator was Gabriel Fayad. Editor was Maria Fernanda.

Sharpie| Self Expression

What would the world be like without self-expressiopn? There'd be no purpose. No passion. No putting it out there for everyone to see.


Saffron Road |Ramadan

In addition to the halal stores which abound throughout America it is also great to know that Saffron Road has entered into a collaboration with Whole Foods Markets to provide halal products during Ramadan.
Saffron Road to Serve Muslim Consumers During Ramadan
Brand Partnering with Whole Foods Market® to Make an Impact Throughout Islam’s Holiest Month

Stamford, CT – July 20, 2011 – It is not often that brands and retailers in the U.S. acknowledge American Muslim consumers and their majorholidays, but occasionally when they do, they see first hand an outpouring of support from that community. With its high-quality products and dedicated team, American Halal Company, Inc and its brand Saffron Road have established an emotional connection with discerning American Muslims consumers.  Given Saffron Road’s mission to better serve the ongoing Halal needs of its American Muslim consumer base, it has big plans to more deeply connect with and better serve its core constituency during the month-long Ramadan festivities in August.

Each night of Ramadan includes festive iftars or breaking of the fasts with family, friends and communities. To help its Muslim consumers celebrate, Saffron Road is partnering with Whole Foods Market to host several blog posts and offer shoppers chances to win free Saffron Road products and a $100 Whole Foods Market gift card on the grocer’s Whole Story Blog.
“Support for Halal foods, and in particular our brand Saffron Road, during Ramadan from Whole Foods Market on a national, regional and corporate level is going to be a huge deal among many otherwise disenfranchised Muslim communities. We anticipate an outpouring of support and purchases by the thousands of American Muslims who will flock into Whole Foods Market stores,” says Adnan Durrani, CEO of Saffron Road. “This will be the first time a major grocery chain in the U.S. acknowledges Ramadan in this way on a national level. Considering Saffron Road’s products are available in over 90% of Whole Foods Market stores nationwide, this is a major positive move forward for addressing the needs of the American Halal consumer all over the U.S.”

Saffron Road will also collaborate with Halal food expert, Yvonne Maffei of the popular blog, My Halal Kitchen, to bring consumers Ramadan-related tips and recipes to prepare for suhoor and iftar meals throughout the season.

In addition, the brand is also offering downloadable coupons with media outlets such as andelan throughout Ramadan. In keeping with its commitment to being a truly social brand, Saffron Road is also engaging with consumers through Facebook Social Ads. The brand’s Facebook campaign will be geared toward gaining more “likes” and engagement for its page, as well as giving consumers the ability to help the company give back to the community. Saffron Road pledges to give 50 cents for each new “like” itsFacebook page receives during its Ramadan campaign to its charity partners, Whole Planet Foundation and The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).
All 12 of Saffron Road’s frozen products are Halal Certified by the Islamic Food andNutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

“Never before has it been so easy for the Halal consumer to reach for convenient, healthy andcompletely Halal meals to make at-home dining alone or in small groups something special and easy,” says Yvonne Maffei of My Halal Kitchen. “Many of Saffron Road’s products are easy to incorporate into the iftar experience or add to them. New frozen chicken items like the Chicken Tenders are wonderful for the kids or to add some heartiness to an otherwise boring salad. The broth varieties coming out soon will make Halal cooking even easier as the first on the market that Muslim shoppers can trust in quality and authenticity.”

From promotions atretail, leveraging influencers, and online engagement to charitable donations and contests on popular Muslim blogs; look for Saffron Road to help Muslim consumers make this Ramadan one to remember.

About Saffron Road                                                                                                                                                                                           
American Halal Co. markets All Natural Halal Certified food under the Saffron Road brand. Adnan Durrani, the CEO, and Jack Acree, the EVP, are serial entrepreneurs having been involved in companies like Vermont Pure Spring Water, Stonyfield Farms, Inc., Alexia Foods, and Terra Chips. The Company’s management and Board represent a team of proven entrepreneurs at building premium food brands. Saffron Road’s mission is to offer All Natural Halal Certified and Gluten Free foods which are also holistic, sustainably farmed, and anti-biotic free.  Saffron Road’s products are sourced from livestock which is fed only 100% vegetarian feed and are humanely treated. The Company seeks to bring its mission to a higher awakening with the local and global community, embodying a socially conscious company ethic as well as setting the standard for premium qualityHalal Cuisine.

Media Contacts: Lisa Mabe, Hewar Social Communications, 202.834.4498,                                   
Kate Tayloe, American Halal Company, Inc., 203.961.1954
For more information about Saffron Road, please visit You can also join us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter

American Rom Takeover

American Rom, a campaign of deception run in Romania in 2010, has won the Grand Prix in the Promo & Activation Lions at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Romania’s ROM, manufactured by Kandia Dulce, is the traditional chocolate bar that all Romanians grew up with. Wrapped in the national flag, it had an ageing, nostalgic consumer base and was losing ground with the young generation who preferred cool American brands. McCann Erickson challenged young people’s national ego by replacing ROM’s packaging with an American version.
American Rom Patriotism billboard

The campaign started in-store with the controversial change and promo activities. The bold move was then amplified on ATL with all channels further directing people online, inviting debate on the campaign’s microsite,, and the product’s Facebook page. As patriotic fervour reached its climax, with people stocking up on traditionally packaged ROM bars, the campaign shifted. Overnight, advertising began to reveal the point of the campaign, celebrating the renewed national support of the brand on the site
American Rom ads
American Rom takeover
Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)

Click on the image below to play the Teaser 1 video in YouTube (HD)

Click on the image below to play the Teaser 2 video in YouTube (HD)

Click on the image below to play the Reveal video in YouTube (HD)

Click on the image below to play the Anthem video in YouTube (HD)

Click on the image below to play the Vox Pop 1 video in YouTube (HD)

Click on the image below to play the Vox Pop 2 video in YouTube (HD)


The American Rom campaign was developed at McCann Erickson, Bucharest, by creative partner Adrian Botan, group creative directors Dinu Panescu and Catalin Dobre, art directors Ionut Cojocaru and Andra Badea, copywriter Florin Florea, client service director Sagit Tzur Lahav, account director Ruxandra Savulescu, human insight director Ileana Serban Parau.

Celebrate Mother's Day

British retailer Debenhams this year ran a Mother’s Day promotion, calling on viewers to make their mums feel special on Mother’s Day, celebrated on April 3 in the UK. A television commercial presents children and adults calling out to their mothers in their time of need. The ad finishes with the line, “Make whats-her-name feel special this Mother’s Day”, and takes viewers to a Feel Special microsite where they can send the film as a personalised movie e-card. Debenhams donated 5% of the price of online orders to the charity Breast Cancer Campaign when purchases were placed via the e-card page.
Girl calls out to mother in Debenhams Mothers Day commercial

Click on the image below to play the Mothers Day video in YouTube (HD)

Debenhams Feel Special Mothers Day video site


The Debenhams Mothers Day campaign was developed at JWT, London, by executive creative director Russell Ramsey, creative director Nicholla Longley, art director Simon Horton, copywriter Hannah Ford, agency producer Roy Swansborough, account director Alex Clarke. Media was handled at Carat.
Filming was shot by director Joanna Bailey via The Bare Film Company. Editors were Melanie Oliver and Colin Hannan. Sound was designed by James Forbear.

Marks & Spencer|Boobed

Marks and Spencer celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2009 with “Quality Worth Every Penny”, a marketing campaign showing how they have provided ‘quality worth every penny’ since 1884 and highlighting how their commitment to sustainability is undiminished despite the global recession. ‘Quality worth every penny’, applied to both fashion and food, asserted the retailer’s commitment to bringing the best quality to its customers and tied in with its origins as a penny bazaar, highlighted with special in-store ranges.

Marks and Spencer Bra Quality Worth Every Penny

The most well known of the print/billboard advertisements, featured in Campaign’s Outdoor Hall of Fame sitethis month, was the work featuring Islington model Natalie Suliman, wearing a green silky D cup bra (with matching panties in print ads). As well as forming a campaign to promote the new range of quality silk underwear for M&S, the photograph was chosen by M&S for the ad apologising to the nation for charging £2 on bras above a DD cup. Online orders of the green underwear set featured in the ad soared by 163 per cent. The newspaper and billboard campaign helped to triple Marks and Spencer’s underwear sales over the following year.
Marks and Spencer Bra Sorry We Boobed
Marks and Spencer Coat Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Swimwear Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Strawberries Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Eggs Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Pears Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Turkey Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Pudding Quality Worth Every Penny


The Worth Every Penny campaign was developed at RKCR/Y&R (Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Young & Rubicam), London, by creative team Paul Angus, Ted Heath, Mark Roalfe, art director Stuart Elkins, copywriter Graeme Cook, typographer Lee Aldridge and photographers Uli Weber and Patrice de Villers.

JDate Israel|Someone to zip you up

JDates's stroke of genius was to team up with a popular women's fashion chain, and promote their services in a fun, useful way that afforded customers a level of discretion in a potentially sensitive area.

Valentine's days are the perfect time of year for dating sites to advertise for subscribers to their services.  In Israel, the Jewish equivalent of Valentine's day (called "Tu B'av") occurs in July, which coincides with the end of season sales period for retailers.
JDate, a local dating agency decided to take advantage of the fact that the sales period means increased traffic in stores, and so teamed up with clothing chain Mango in an inventive in-store promotion partnership.
Like all the best ideas, JDate's idea was simple: To provide assistance in the one area that Israeli women still needed help - zipping up the backs of their dresses. JDate provided this assistance with the use of specially branded tags which acted as a coupon for a free one month subscription to the dating site. The tags helped single women zip up the clothes they tried on - meaning that JDate could help single women find a date, and an outfit. The tags were removable, in case customers decided they already had the perfect outfit.
The activity ran for the two weeks immediately prior to Tu B'av, and more than 300,000 Mango customers were exposed to the campaign nationally. 2,000 tags were taken by customers and JDate saw traffic for this period increase by 13%, with new subscriptions increasing by 15% - a new high for the summer period.
The activity was also covered heavily in fashion magazines, blogs and social media networks.

DATE:July - July 2010
AGENCY:McCann Erickson

Lidl Supermarkets “The Marathon for Water”

In Guiné-Bissau, women have to walk the equivalent of a Marathon to reach the most basic things such as water. Lidl, a german supermarket that has been in Portugal for over 15 years decided to do something to change this and forever shorten these distances. This is the Marathon for water.
Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia.

The Future of Retail Touchpoints

Cisco IBSG's Edward Westenberg explores how retail touchpoints are impacting the customer shopping journey and changing the future of retail.

Yellow Retail |Your Facebook Sad Friend

Yellow Fun To Go «Your Sad Friend» App.-- Feelings & status updaes instead of segmentation

Yellow - The largest convenience store chain in Israel, has launched its Private label - “Yellow Fun to Go” which includes smoothies, ice cream yogurt and chocolate drinks, sliced fresh fruits and many others - all the sweet things that can make you happy while you are on the go.

The challenge
Creating awareness to the new product line and getting people to experience it through the on-line campaign.

The idea
Taking contextual advertising to the next level: we segmented not through websites or content, but for the first time, through the emotional status of our target audience.

We chose to use Facebook ,the largest social network in the world, as the platform for our campaign.

The execution
We created a Facebook application that offers sending a “cheer up gift” to your sad friends.How? After installing the application, it scanns all of your friends’ status in order to find “sad” behavior– depressions statuses such as “I’m depressed”, “I’m bored”, sad pictures etc’. 

The unique algorithm which was created especially for the application graded the “sadness” level of your friends and found your saddest friend. But finding him is not enough - we wanted to cheer him up that finding your saddest friends 2 things happened:

The saddest friends got a notification on Facebook and also a cellular coupon for receiving one of the new Yellow Fun To Go products for free - Something from Yellow to cheer him up.

The Results
In just 2 weeks:

  • 167,000 unique visitors
  • More than 45,000 people installed the application
  • Thousands of people used their cellular coupons and experienced our special Fun and tasty product line, which made their day brighter than ever.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Israel
VP Creative: Eldad weinberger
VP Creative content: Nir Refuah
Creative Directors: Nir Levi
Copywriters: Assaf zelikovitch, Yoav habel
Social media: Danna Blum
Art director: Maayan Froynd

Love Honey|Kinky co-ordinates

It’s often said that sex sells and online retailer Love Honey has set about proving this with its own Google Maps concoction.
The online sex shop was looking to boost its profile in the £315m-a-year industry and decided to build on the long love affair between consumers and novelty online applications.
Love Honey set about making an interactiveheat map, showing the most amorous and the most prudish areas of the UK. An anonymous sample of more than 500,000 orders placed at the e-commerce site was aggregated into regions that match the population statistics from the UK Census. It then divided the amount of money spent in each region by the number of people who live there to reveal the average spend per head on all sex products. This was then plotted on the map, with a heat scale from ranging from bright red (“scorchio”), marking the areas with the highest concentration of sex product purchases, through to a prudish blue (“Frosty”). Thus the UK Sex Map was born.
Every town with a population of over 10,000 was included and separated by annual spend per-capita. The site is updated with monthly data, and users can search for their own home towns to see how “sexy” they are. They have been careful to ensure that you can’t zoom in too far to see any actual delivery address – your neighbours aren’t going to be happy if you can work out how many sex toys they have had delivered in the past year. For each location, you can also see a top 10 list of most popular sex toy purchases and how your town fares against others in the locality.
Links offering quick purchases were included, while the site provided banner ads and other materials featuring messages like “How sexy is your town?” for use on local sites with the aim of generating a sense of competition.
The project was a product of the website’s ongoing strategy to increase consumer involvement and was made possible thanks to the increasingly cheap online mapping tools.

BRAND: Love Honey




DATE: Oct 2009 - Dec 2008


Mobile or Internet