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National Geographic | My Nat Geo Covershot

National Geographic launched a Facebook contest where their fans had a chance to have their own photo featured on the cover of the magazine and win two tickets for a free vacation. All the fans had to do was upload their photos and caption it and they were automatically entered to win.

Honey Bunches of Oats | 50 Million Smiles and Counting

Honey Bunches of Oats ran a campaign with the tagline “50 Million Smiles and Counting,” during which they shared the testimonial videos, images, and quotes from fans they had "made smile" across the country in exchange for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip. By sharing the user-submitted content across Facebook and Instagram, they were able to add 162,000 new fans (a 721% increase) and increase engagement and traffic to their pages.

GE | #6SecondScienceFair

GE launched a campaign hosting a #6SecondScienceFair on Vine and Tumblr where they re-vined posts from people using this tag to encourage interest in science, increase engagement, and build GE's reputation as an innovator. 

The particular Vine below highlights what happens when you combine milk, food coloring, and dish soap. It has been liked 130,000 times and re-vined 105,000 times.

Vodafone| Sunday Grannies

    October 2014 - January 2015
    McCann Erickson


    Vodafone is one of the largest mobile phone network providers in Romania, and also one of the oldest. In fact, when it launched into the market in 1997, it was the first 2G provider in the country. 
    But in 2015, Vodafone’s market share was under threat. 
    German operator Deutsche Telekom had recently entered Romania for the first time, integrating two local mobile networks to form the most powerful group in the category. To ensure immediate success, Deutsche Telekom had launched a massive above-the-line advertising campaign announcing its competitive contract offers. 
    This spelled trouble for Vodafone, which was getting ready to launch its new superfast 4G mobile smartphone contracts.  
    Without the budget of Deutsche Telekom, regular price-driven campaigns wouldn’t have been effective. Instead, UM needed a more personable message that would trade on Vodafone’s established place as one of Romania’s longest-serving mobile providers. 
    The agency's objectives were to:  
    • Re-establish Vodafone’s credentials as a customer-friendly mobile provider that empowers Romanians to stay connected with friends and loved ones • Drive sales of new Vodafone 4G phone contracts and increase usage of data. 


    Statistics show that more than four million Romanians over 75 live alone. For these lonely senior citizens who live isolated in the small apartments of urban Romania, life often feels challenging. 
    However, as the insights revealed, despite living alone, most of these old people – especially grandmothers – still try to make the most of things, by cooking large family meals on a Sunday. They don’t regularly have visitors, but it’s a tradition they just can’t bring themselves to stop – just in case their loved ones come over to visit. 
    This contrasts sharply with the habits of university students. For them, a home-cooked meal is a rare delicacy. Unhealthy fast-food and ready-made meals make up most of their diet. This gave UM an idea. 
    It would show how technology (and Vodafone’s new superfast 4G service) could fight loneliness and help people ‘Make the most of now’. If Granny’s family couldn’t join her for dinner, it would connect her with someone who could (and would really appreciate a little home-cooking): local students. 
    In line with Vodafone’s desire to celebrate ‘Romanian empowerment’ (it only uses real people in its advertising, not actors), the agency would select two real grannies and make them the face of the campaign – and Romania’s first senior citizen internet stars.  
    Using the power of Vodafone 4G internet, it would help the grannies put out a call on Vodafone’s social media channels, offering free dinner spots to the first students who responded to her message, and amplify the grannies’ social message with above the line advertising on TV, radio and outdoor.  
    In line with Vodafone’s empowerment message, it would show how Vodafone’s new superfast 4G mobile internet services could connect people and help change lives for the better. 


    Introducing: Sunday Grannies. 
    The agency identified Tanti Ani and Marcela, two ladies from Bucharest to be the face of this campaign. 
    It showed them the basics of social networks, helped them create profile pages on Facebook, and asked them to post pictures of their latest menus. UM then invited students on Facebook to visit the grannies for a free Sunday lunch.  
    As the unusual invitations began generating social buzz, UM activated the next phase of the campaign: full-spectrum ATL (above the line) activity.  
    It made a documentary showing how the lives of the two grannies had started to change and put it on TV. Soon their lonely apartment became the hottest lunch place in town. Romanian celebrities, like tennis player Simona Halep booked a seat for lunch. And even a judge from top-rated food TV show Masterchef was invited to see how the grannies’ food compared to the professionals’. 
    Asthe grannies’ recipes became more famous, Vodafone took their fame to the next level by launching they own cooking show through a series of segments integrated into Romania’s most successful morning show.  Partnering with Mega Image, the biggest food retailer in Bucharest, it even turned one of the grannies’ most popular recipes – their signature Lemon Pie – into a product consumers could buy in their local supermarket.  
    As the message spread among Romanians of all ages, UM launched a Facebook app to help other grannies across Romania organize pop-up Sunday lunches and invite people over.  


    Sunday Grannies connected the nation and turned empty houses into happy homes again. The campaign achieved over 380M media impressions, for a 99% reach. 
    The story was reported on all major Romania media outlets. Over 430,000 fans joined their Facebook page – making it the second most-popular Facebook page in Romania (after Coca-Cola).  
    The thrilling social outcome was a triple rate of Facebook adoption for seniors, from the launch of the campaign, extending to Q1 of 2015. This drove an impressive 20% increase in the total number of Facebook accounts owned by people over 65 years in Romania. 
    Moreover, Vodafone brand KPIs showed significant improvements in Simplicity (+9%) and Customer Service (+7%), attributes which were directly connected to the grannies’ demonstrations. 
    And the best bit? Sales of Vodafone’s 4G smartphone sales shot up by 79% in 2014 Q4, compared to 2013 Q4.  
    The Facebook community is still growing without paid media support, and the grannies are still cooking.

    Active Wheel | Lo Kar Lo Baat

    Active Wheel
    Hindustan Unilever
    Household Goods
    June 2015 - February 2016


      In rural India, there is an increasing trend of men having to move away from home to secure work.
      Whilst this has, in many ways, made positive in-roads towards women gaining greater influence in the running of households, it also means there are now 4.2m married Indian couples living apart in order to provide for their families.
      The only way for these couples to keep in touch is through mobile phones. And there is, of course, also the issue of how much it costs to call on a regular basis and how much of the weekly household budget would be used up. 
      Keeping in touch with the person you love is becoming, for many, an expensive luxury. (Single most important insight)


      Apart from the functional benefits of providing a clean and fragrant wash to clothes, the core of brand Wheel stands for the light and playful romance between the husband and wife. The brand catalyses and holds alive the romance between couples through various boring daily chores such as doing laundry.
      Since the Active wheel consumers are couples who are living apart and are consumed by the daily grind of making ends meet, the brand wanted to bring alive its core of kindling romance between them, by enabling easy communication hence bringing a smile on their faces.
      The idea was to elevate the ‘renewal of the product formulation’ message and make it relevant to consumers by helping them keep in touch with their partners periodically, through an easy and accessible mechanism, without sending their monthly household budgets in a tizzy no matter how far apart they were.
      Laundry detergents are one of the most penetrated categories in India and Active Wheel was ready to introduce 10 million packs in the market with the ‘new formulation’ messaging. The fact that the consumer was based in geographies with little or no access to traditional media apart from mobile phones, the product packs were more likely to reach them than any form of media, hence the go-to-market strategy for the campaign was designed to use the Active Wheel packs as the medium.


      PHD created LO KAR LO BAAT – a mobile service which offered couples a FREE three minute mobile phone

      conversation that wouldn’t use up their mobile phone currency.
      With its own packaging as the communication medium, LO KAR LO BAAT had a free-to-dial phone number on the pack with the promise of a call back mechanism from the superstar actor (and housewife favourite and the brand ambassador for Active Wheel) Salman Khan, who played cupid by acting as their personal telephone operator, connecting them to their loved one.
      What’s more, LO KAR LO BAAT is accessible to one and all, with no terms and conditions that required the caller to have even bought the product.
      The process was designed to be as simple as possible. No registration or code redemption was required.
      Once connected to a pre-recording of Khan, all the caller needed to do was read out the phone number they wanted to call and he would connect them to their loved one, with the help of a thoughtfully created voice recognition software which was developed to recognise 19 different Indian dialects, making it user friendly for the semi urban population with limited literacy levels.
      Whilst this connection was happening, a 30 second ad for Active Wheel would play on both ends of the call.


      With no purchase required, even in the least connected regions of India, news spread fast making it one of the most successful campaigns in the history of the brand, with consumers using the service even six months after the ‘packs with the campaign message’ were introduced in the market.
      The campaign used no traditional media spends, which was instead vectored to providing talktime to consumers.
      • The service connected 10 million unique phone numbers
      • Today, it continues to receive 200,000 calls PER DAY, despite the packs only appearing on shelves for three months till July 2015
      This has led to a 145% increase in Top of Mind Awareness post campaign. Sales in the market grew by 5% in the second half of 2015 which was otherwise declining by 5.3% in the second half of 2014 volume growth.
      Active Wheel had connected 10 million Indian hearts and won a place in all of their hearts. That’s how the brand created an emotional connect beyond the functional campaign message.

      Marketing 3.0 :::Mobile

      Huawei Waterproof Mobile
      Huawei Waterproof Mobile
      AgencyGuangzhou Newsun/JWT Advertising Guangzhou, China
      Nokia Nseries with GPS
      Nokia Nseries with GPS
      Nokia Nseries with GPS
      “Nokia Nseries. With built in A-GPS and Nokia map.”
      AgencyJWT, Jakarta, Indonesia
      Viewty Smart Phone
      Nokia Nseries with GPS
      Viewty Smart Phone
      “Detects up to 16 faces.”
      AgencyY&R, Dubai, UAE
      Samsung Mobile Phone
      Samsung Mobile Phone
      “Your phone is here. Samsung phones with mobile tracker.”
      AgencyCheil Communications, New Delhi, India
      Land Rover Phone
      Land Rover Phone
      Land Rover Phone
      Land Rover Phone
      “The Land Rover S1 Phone Incredibly tough.”
      AgencyY&R Lima, RKCR/Y&R, London, UK
      Ephone v900
      Ephone v900
      “Fast Internet access when and where you need it.”
      AgencyJST Beijing, China
      Samsung F400
      Ephone v900
      “The new F400 with knock out power speakers.”
      AgencyCheil Communication, Indonesia
      Apple iPhone 4
      Windows Phone 7
      Nokia N8
      The ad from Nokia also holds a Guinness World Record as the smallest stop-motion animated film.The film was created by Sumo Science at Aardman. It was all shot using CellScope technology and a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics.
      Ericsson Cellphone
      Parlons Mobile
      Dutch Mobile Ad
      MotoYuva A810
      Moto E185

      This Body of Death (Lichaam van de Dood): Is that a dead body over there?

      This Body of Death (Lichaam van de Dood): Is that a dead body over there?

      To promote the book by Elizabeth George, a thriller called This Body of Death (In Dutch Lichaam van de Dood), we came up with this easy to retweet, easy to email and Facebook-friendly approach. We let the readers experience the first part of Elizabeth George's book 'live': the discovery of a dead body on a cemetery. It started out on Twitter and Facebook with messages like ' Is that a dead body over there? Check the live webcam!' And we let curiosity (and social media) do the rest...
      Advertising Agency: Houdini, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      Creative Directors: Boris Peters, Wilbert Leering
      Art Directors: Boris Peters, Jonathan van Loon
      Copywriter: Wilbert Leering
      Production: Area25
      Online programming: Kitty van der Gijp
      Published: July 2010

      Banner for vacuum cleaner sucks, literally, the bad cookies from your PC

      This  interactive banner for Vax’s new vacuum cleaner communicates the product’s cleaning capabilities in a powerful way. This innovative interactive banner, developed by Shalmor Avnon Amichay /Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, makes a symbolic connection between bad cookies in your computer and the dust outside.
      The banner consists of a code that identifies the bad cookies on your computer and cleans them out with a click on the banner. The banner also reports how many cookies were deleted.
      Well, really interesting and beneficial, isn’t?

      McDonalds| Cheer for China

      DDB Shanghai has won the Gold award at the MAA Globes Awards for the “Cheer for China” campaign developed for McDonalds during the Beijing Olympics. The award continues the Gold awarded at the China Effies in 2008.

      McDonalds Cheer for China campaign

      As an official sponsor of the Beijing Olympics McDonald’s were keen to find a way to join every Chinese person to the games. The McDonald’s slogan, “I’m loving it” was adapted to become “I’m loving it… China Win!”, a cheer to be used throughout the country.

      McDonalds Cheering Station

      A “cheering station” was designed, complete with webcam, microphone, interactive screen and web access. Every customer who went into the station could record their own video of a cheer for China and transfer the results to the McDonald’s China web site.
      The Cheer for China campaign was developed at DDB Shanghai, China, by creative director Michael Dee, creative director/art director Jody Xiong, art director Leo Wan and copywriter Meredin Xu

      Coca-Cola:::creating shorter links

      Check out Coca-Cola's URL shortening service:

      Sony Music:::Pair Movie

      "Mobile is often considered a remote form of contact, but this campaign shows how the medium can be used to physically bring people together."

      BRAND OWNER: Sony Music Associated Record 
      CATEGORY: EntertainmentREGION: JapanDATE: Dec 2008 - Feb 2008MEDIA AGENCY:DentsuMEDIA CHANNEL : 

      Mobile or Internet

      For the release of Japanese singer-songwriter JuJu’s song “Sunao Ni Naretara” (wish I could be true to myself), record label Sony wanted to target women in their teens and twenties. Recognising that most people in Japan download music and music videos via mobile, Sony wanted to use the medium in as creative a way as possible.

      Sony created a brand new type of mobile movie, a “Pair Movie”.  This is a mobile movie that can be enjoyed with friends by placing two mobile phones next to each other. Half of the movie is shown on one screen and half on the other screen. Two people visit a mobile site and download one half of the movie (either the left of the right), then must sit together to watch the movie. JuJu’s music video for the song was divided up into 5 episodes and was made available for free from Visitors to the site could either take a picture of a QR code to get the series on their mobile or download directly from the mobile site.

      As a result the Pair Movie was played 320,000 times in the first month. The total number of downloads is now 2,200,000 and still growing. More than 150,000 copies of the song were sold and the song Sunao Ni Naretara became JuJu’s biggest hit.For the release of Japanese singer-songwriter JuJu’s song “Sunao Ni Naretara” (wish I could be true to myself), record label Sony wanted to target women in their teens and twenties. Recognising that most people in Japan download music and music videos via mobile, Sony wanted to use the medium in as creative a way as possible.

      Sony created a brand new type of mobile movie, a “Pair Movie”.  This is a mobile movie that can be enjoyed with friends by placing two mobile phones next to each other. Half of the movie is shown on one screen and half on the other screen. Two people visit a mobile site and download one half of the movie (either the left of the right), then must sit together to watch the movie. JuJu’s music video for the song was divided up into 5 episodes and was made available for free from Visitors to the site could either take a picture of a QR code to get the series on their mobile or download directly from the mobile site.

      As a result the Pair Movie was played 320,000 times in the first month. The total number of downloads is now 2,200,000 and still growing. More than 150,000 copies of the song were sold and the song Sunao Ni Naretara became JuJu’s biggest hit.

      Adidas:::Urban Art Guide

      BRAND OWNER:Adidas Group

      CATEGORY:Accessories/ Clothing/ Footwear


      DATE:May 2009 - Dec 2008


      Mobile or InternetOut of Home

      Adidas has a strong association with street art and graffiti, with the brand having been inspired by the New York hip-hop and graffiti subculture in the 1980s. It wanted to pay homage to this heritage with a smartphone application.

      Adidas came up with the Adidas Urban Art Guide to Berlin – an iPhone travel guide that lists Berlin’s best graffiti. Users download the application for free or The guide gives them access to a Google map of Berlin that is marked out with the locations of street art. The map can be navigated by a number of ways. Users can either “find artworks nearby”, take a tour of the city with “Tour Guide” or browse the cities art in a “gallery”. Users can click on each marked location to view images as well as information about the piece, the artist and further references. The application allows for users to comment and rate the art as well as upload their own pictures of the art which updates on the map.

      Berlin is currently the only city on the Urban Art Guide's map, but plans are underway to develop similar guides for other cities

      Reebok:::Your Reebok

      BRAND: Reebok 
      BRAND OWNER: Adidas Reebok 
      CATEGORY :Accessories/ Clothing/ Footwear 
      REGION :Global 
      DATE :Mar 2009 - Dec 2008

      Reebok was looking for an exciting way of engaging consumers with the brand.  Customisation had been a popular part of for over two years and it wanted to take this a step further into the mobile space. Reebok has created an iPhone application, Your Reebok, that allows consumers to fully customize, and have the option to buy, a pair of Reebok shoes. People who download the application from the iTunes App Store can customize three shoe models: The Freestyle, The Classic Leather and The Ventilator. The designer can change up to 23 areas of the shoe, with a choice of 19 colours, four material options and adding personalized text. The designs can be shared with friends via email link or the whole world from the application – with the design being geo-tagged and added to the Your Reebok global community map. From the map all the other shared designs can be viewed and either bought or used as a canvas for customisation.


      Terminator Salvation :::Twitter as movie marketing platform

      BRAND: Terminator Salvation 
      BRAND OWNER: Sony Pictures 
      CATEGORY: Entertainment 
      REGION :Global 
      DATE :Apr 2009 - May 2009

      To promote Sony Pictures latest release, Terminator Salvation, the brand is taking over Twitter with an international game that can be played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The premise is that Twitter users can help in the fight against Skynet and the Terminators.
      Twitter members must follow Terminator Salvation on Twitter @resistance2018 and also log in on They then have to watch for tweets from @resistance2018 and respond to ‘Resistance Assignments’ quickly via @replies with hash tags to @resistance 2018 or through the blog.

      Assignments include word mixes – a jumble of letters that need to be unscrambled; trivia – simple questions about the movie; and partial transmission – where some letters are missing from a word and you must fill it out.

      Answers must be submitted to @resistance2018 using hash tags representing each of the types of task, so #RA:WM for word mix, #RA:PT for partial transmission and #RA:TR for trivia. Responses to assignments must be sent within 2 hours. Any response received after this are not counted.
      Each correct answer gives the player points to advance on the leader-board and achieve higher ranks in the Resistance Army.

      Mitsubishi :::Download an actual car

      DESCRIPTION: Online scavenger hunt
      BRAND: Mitsubishi 
      BRAND OWNER: Mistubishi 
      CATEGORY :Automotive 
      REGION :Spain 
      DATE :May 2009 - Dec 2008 
      To promote its new small car Colt model amongst a young tech-savvy audience and to coincide with the Barcelona Motor Show, Mitsubishi wanted to create a suitably high-tech online experience.
      Mitsubishi’s solution is a type of internet scavenger hunt. Users must find and download 30 parts of a car scattered around various sites in order to win a free car. 

      Visitors to “” ( find an image of the 30 parts that have been distributed around the internet in banners on main portals (such as Spanish newspaper El Pais) as well as various peer to peer sites (including eMule, eDonkey and BitTorrent). Participants must register on the site and search for and download the various parts. 

      As a registered user, you only need to click on the banner with the car part and it automatically downloads to your account. Users who find more than one of the same part can swap them with other players in the exchange room created by Mitsubishi. They can also share information about how to find the parts in a forum. 
      A widget provides live information of what is going on in the game as well as hints and tips

      The site also features a promotional video of an actual Colt being disassembled by mechanics before the parts are distributed on the web. 
      The game will continue to run for another week so late joiners will need to make up for lost time. The first person to collect all 30 pieces of car will win a Colt

      Google Chrome::: 11 TVC'sYouTube

      Google Creative Lab has released Chrome Shorts, a series of short films promoting Chrome, Google’s web browser. The eleven films are online at the Google Chrome YouTube channel
      The Chrome Shorts Trailer

      Each of the eleven films have been spliced together for an invitation to visit the Shorts site.


      Chicken or Egg? A simple query takes our hero on a wild rollercoaster ride through the Internet, where chicken links to feather, feather to pillow, pillow to tooth fairy, and so on. Fasten your seatbelts. By Superfad.

      What Makes A Good Browser?

      What makes a good browser? And, what the the heck is a browser to begin with? This video explores these fundamental questions and provides some warm and fuzzy answers. By Christoph Niemann. Music by Kim Wetmore.

      The Evolution of Simple

      Pantograph used stop motion to demonstrate a simple video game, with references to Blockbreaker, mirroring the simplicity of Google Chrome’s clean user interface.

      Collaborate with Whole Wide World

      When everyone puts their heads together, great things happen. This film explores how the internet makes it easy to collaborate with anyone, anytime. By The Collaborative Works of Jeff & Paul.

      9 - 5 8.5 x 11

      From 9-5 in 60 seconds… one person’s day of online surfing captured on a 102″ x 66″ paper screen. By Default Office.

      Dr Squirrel’s Lab

      Dr. Squirrel and his acorn helpers are hard at work at Google Labs. Hilarity ensues. By GoRobot!

      Google Chrome

      Google teamed with Motion Theory to craft the first video for Chrome’s arrival. Directors Mark Kudsi and John Fan created a lively 2 1/2D animated spot celebrating Chrome’s revolutionary features with music by Tim Meyers.

      Chrome was developed at Motion Theory, Los Angeles, by director Mark Kudsi, executive producer Javier Jiminez, art director John Fan, VFX supervisor Bryan Godwin, producer Matt Winkel, editor Doron Dor and Colin Woods, editorial coordinator Eddie Boles, post production assistants Allyssa Allain and Rebecca Lindberg, designers Joseph Chan, Leanne Dare, Jenny Ko, Mark Kulakoff, Angela Zhu, animation/2D composition artists Evan Parsons, Wilson Wu, 3D artists Ben Grangereau, Na Song, John Tumlin, Bekah Baik, Danny Koenig, Katie Yoon.

      Features List

      On the internet you can do things. To do those things you need tools that do things. But how do those things help you do things? By Open.

      Caged Rage 3: Binary Budokan

      One man tackles his (sky-high) pile of tasks with uninhibited fury. And the help of a powerful and mysterious new web tool. By Lifelong Friendship Society.

      Defenders in Tights

      The Internet is full of nooks and crannies hiding all kinds of technological mischief. Who do you have defending you? And what color are their tights? By Steve Mottershead


      The internet can be whatever you want. Its also a place where you can be whomever you want. This film explores those ideas through the simple device of two friends and a door. By Hunter Gatherer