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Johnnie Walker Red Label & Cola Special Editon


New work from Barker Gray:

"Johnnie Walker is the major sponsor for cricket in Australia. The Ashes tournament between England and Australia played every two years is the prize contest for either side to win. The Ashes is played over 5 tests and this year the teams are level as they go into the deciding test match, about to commence this coming Friday. Both nations will be on the edge of their seats.

Diageo briefed us to design a special edition can of JW Red label & cola for sale during the two months of the contests duration, which is taking place in England this year. The brief was to retain the inherent premium ness that the Johnnie Walker brand exudes, but in such a way that the design immediately connects to the idea of cricket.

The solution reinterpreted the can as the iconic cricket ball itself, which itself is red. The cricket ball idea ties in with the visual assets of Red Label Whisky by matching the appropriate brand colour-way and replacing the slanted label architecture with the recognisable seam of the cricket ball at a corresponding angle to the slanted label.

For lovers of cricket this idea is immediate and connects them to their favourite sport, as every time they hold the can they experience the thrill of the game in their very hand."

Johnnie Walker | The Walk (The Man Who Walked Around The World)


Brand: Johnnie Walker whisky
Agency: BBH London
Agency Producer: Ruben Mercadel
Creative Director: Mick Mahoney
Creative: Justin Moore
Director: Jamie Rafn
Production: HLA
Producer: Stephen Plesniak
Director of Photography: George Richmond
Post Production: Glassworks London
Editor: Kate Owen


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1996: Taste life. (Red Label)
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