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Johnsons Baby Oil :::Cinematic Advertising

BRAND OWNER :Johnson & Johnson
REGION :Philippines
DATE :Jul 2008 - Sep 2008

Although Johnson's Baby Oil is category leader, J&J wanted to drive usage occasions beyond the customary pre-bathing regime.

J&J wanted to preach the benefits of touch therapy for the baby and present existing customers with new usage occasions while simultaneously bringing new users into the market.
J&J found a way to engage mothers by integrating components of health talks, which are usually rather boring, with the excitement of the cinema.

A specially-written movie for Johnson's Baby Oil was screened in purpose built cinemas in urban communities - the cinemas included crèche facilities, enabling mothers to experience the movies in their own communities in a novel and personal way.
The movie, Botelya, is about a chance and heart-wrenching encounter between two mothers during the war, one of whom gave away her infant son in order to save his life. Bound by their shared and common love for a son, they are reunited years later.

In the film an old green bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil plays a pivotal role - allowing JD, the protagonist, to reconnect with his past, and his loving mother.
The screenings were promoted with 15 second trailers on TV, announcements using community banners and door-to-door invitations to mothers. Vehicles took mothers to the screenings, and their kids were looked after with games and gifts in the crèche areas. Before the screenings, health experts demonstrated infant massage techniques and free J&J products were distributed - excluding Johnson's Baby Oil.

Following the campaign there was a 26% sales increase, and frequency of regular usage was up to 52% from 21%.

The horror of milkshake

Milkshake brand Frijj looks to highlight its “unique thickness” via a film contest that plays on the classic horror movies.A series of virals show Four Ridges, a fictional 1950s town, being terrorized by a little girl called Martha.

These drive consumers to a website where they are encouraged to upload their own scary movies featuring Frijj. The brand has also extended the horror metric to cinema with a ticket giveaway that offers purchasers the chance to watch classic horror movies as part of a film festival.