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Over the years, Coca-Cola has built the credentials to lead and talk about happiness through numerous campaigns, both international and local through multi-target communication. However, one of its more challenging targets was teens; its brand´s engagement indicators were below its expectations and it needed to impact especially in this target. 


Coca-Cola realised that it needed to focus its communication in connecting with teens through the pillar of the brand’s strategy: happiness. It needed to inspire them with a strong message of happiness that would link them emotionally with the brand. 


Coca-Cola detected that despite Peru’s economic growth and pride, Peruvians were not happy, and this was shown in in the most basic form of expression: they were not smiling in their IDs, even when there’s no law that forbids them to.

It found an opportunity to spread happiness all across the country with a simple but significant action to make a difference: encourage Peruvians to smile in their IDs. 
Coca-Cola developed a complete IMC support plan for this Campaign, mainly in: 
1 Online :
- Digital viralization of the campaign video, explaining the concept of the Happy ID had paid support on Youtube true view format. 
- Banners and advertorials in important newspapers websites for the launch of the campaign. 
2 Out-of-home:
- Special out-of-home billboards and other elements inviting Peruvians to be part of this movement. 
3 TV spots and PNTs In TV Programs sponsored by CC. 
4 Radio:
Spots and special mentions for the first phase of the campaign. 
5 Below the Line:
Photo booths installed in shopping Malls all over PerĂº. Free Coke and ID photo only if you smile 
6 Press:
Special Ads explaining the concept of the campaign 


The campaign was a viral success, with more than 1.3 million shares on social networks and free press of USD 300M. The Happy ID movement had a 58% of awareness and 75% associated it with Coca-Cola. 
The positive response and action was immediate: 90% of new IDs in the first month of the campaign were happy IDs. 
It helped increase main brand indicators: Coca-Cola’s brand Association with Happiness increased 8pp, the for someone like me indicator increased +10pp and Brand’s differentiation increased +12pp in the period of the Campaign. 
This is just the beginning: 62% of Peruvians intend to get a Happy ID. 

Coca Cola
Drinks (non-alcoholic)
May 2014 - ongoing
McCann Lima
Havas Lima

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