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Nokia is used to connecting people from far flung corners of the globe, but it wanted to take this relationship a step further, to unite those people behind a global cause. Problems such as global warming are of such magnitude it can often seem beyond our abilities as individuals to have an impact.

‘The Power of We’ aimed to create a cohesive environmental approach not only for Nokia’s 5,000 strong workforce but for its billion customers worldwide. It puts forward the idea that problems seemingly insurmountable to us as individuals can be overcome if we work together.

Initially implemented back in 2007, the first step was to unite Nokia’s 60 international offices that had until then been operating as disparate entities on the environmental front. The target was to inform at minimum 50% of Nokia’s global workforce of its environmental vision, and sign-up a minimum of 1,000 people as active champions of sustainability. Only when this target had been achieved did Nokia begin targeting its billion-strong customer base.

A variety of channels and tactics including screensavers, laptop and furniture stickers, animations, videos, installations, events and multimedia messages sent to phones were used to spread the message and encourage involvement. Longer term initiatives such as the we:reward and the we:champion scheme recognised those who made positive changes in their work or led by example on the environmental front.

In order to avoid overloading employees and consumers with eco message much of the creative unfolded through quarterly themes, around which events and content are introduced incrementally. Recycling, excessive flying and energy awareness were all dealt with using interactive events, humour and digital content.

The Power of We has so far proved very successful. Internal awareness is at 75% and event participation at 20%. Over 1200 we:champions have signed up in 25 countries. In addition, employees have made over 4000 pledges through we:reward. Recycling events proved particularly popular, and increased rates by 600%.



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DATE:Jan 2007



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