Pearle:::Steamy room

CATEGORY:Pharmaceuticals/ Healthcare 
DATE:May 2009 - Dec 2008 

Contact lenses are often seen as the more aesthetically pleasing alternative to glasses, but they are not always seen as being more practical. 

Optician brand Pearle was keen to emphasise the benefits of wearing contact lenses to those who are attached to their spectacles and encourage trial of their daily and monthly lenses.

Pearle created a web-based game at which illustrated the merits of wearing contact lenses. But rather than looking at the comfort of wearing contacts, Pearle took a more humorous angle. Players get to select whether they want to check out semi-clad men or semi-clad women and then enter the respective changing room with a first-person viewpoint through a pair of rimmed glasses. As soon as you enter the room and start to see tantalising glimpses of flesh, the glasses begin to fog up and they require frantic polishing with the mouse curser to clear the view. The message reads: “there are moments when it’s better to wear contacts”. The site has a viral element encouraging users to share the game and also offers free trials of the contact lenses.

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